Two Loads of Rubber Tile

I will add another project to the list. Build the front patio with these rubber tiles.

These are recycled rubber tiles that I found in a craigslist ad. The guy had two pallets and wanted to sell them all at once. There are about 1200 tiles. I’m excited about this great find.

The seller has a business about 15 miles from here and his guys loaded them onto our truck. I unloaded them and will go back tomorrow for the second pallet. I’m hoping they will be able to load the pallet all at once tomorrow after I empty the truck of another purchase for the spa installation.

First load of tiles

First load of rubber tiles

This is what one tile looks like. They are about 12″ x 12″ and are a bargain way to fill in our front patio.

Hexagonal Rubber Tire

Hexagonal Rubber Tire

The bonus is that these are environmentally friendly by using up old tires in a recycled product. Plus these were quite inexpensive. I found very similar tiles on sale from a California company for $2.85 a tile. The seller said he imported them himself for $2.00 a tile, he sold them to me for about $.30 a tile.
I am wondering if they could be installed on the flat roof–if I have enough. They would add about 2 lbs per square foot but should be sturdy and if glued down and caulked could protect the heat applied membrane roof. I would like to sit up there for fireworks this 4th of July!

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