LEED Awareness and Education

Increasing awareness for LEED, its mission, its requirements, the benefits and features is one of the categories for gaining points for LEED certification. I had an opportunity to talk about this project at the Fort Collins Sustainable Living Fair on Sept 20-21st. It was a great fair for many good ideas about sustainability; a chance to see lots of electric vehicles, greenhouse and growing ideas, vendors large and small, and exchange ideas with a like minded or just interested public.

I was in the Green Building Tent and presented our LEED Gut Rehab project from 3-4 on Sunday. There were about 10 attendees and I spoke about our project, our LEED provider, our design team, durability issues, and solutions. Featured solutions were the Waffle Mat system for dealing with our expandable soil problem, our radon mitigation research, our air intrusion solutions and other general information about starting and documenting a LEED project.

There were several good questions and it appeared some interest in the certification program for Homes including what to look for when purchasing a home for a gut remodel. I hadn’t really given that much thought but I emphasized looking at the whole property as much as the house. Solar orientation, water availability, site location from amenities like transportation and green space, etc.

Thanks to our friends, Chris and Tom, for putting us up for the weekend at their idyllic, ranch/homestead too!

Sustainability Fair Presentation

Sustainability Fair Presentation

Poster at Fair

Poster at Fair Presentation

Presentation Entry

Information at the presentation tent’s entry

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