Electrician’s List

Most of the walls are in and we are planning to get the electrical done as soon as possible after the walls are built. Last summer the electrician redid the service box and put in the outside disconnect and we had to wait several weeks until they had time in their schedule. This year the company is not as busy. They mentioned that in an election year, people are less inclined to have work done on their houses. I was surprised by that. I have had the budget for this work for several years now and just hope it can still be done for about what we have been estimating.

I redid the electrical plan to update it to the most recent plan for lighting and outlets.

Dibble Res_Electric Plan_Rev-07_16 w_core

Dibble Res_Electric Plan_Rev-07_16 w_core

The electrician did not seem excited about all the furniture etc. in the way of the work. Of course that is a problem for the workers. The utility room was especially problematic because there is little wall space. So I offered to remove the storage tank for the boiler system.

We discussed the following list of tasks that have to be done before the electricians can come and do the work.

  1. Clear out garage for access to the electrical box.
  2. Build all walls for electrical boxes.
    1. Short wall in dining room
    2. Half wall for kitchen outlets–6 inches above countertops
    3. Plumbing wall in master bath
    4. Shower ceiling
    5. Finish wall for master bedroom door
  3. Box in living room post with hardibacker
  4. Membrane with boards for ceiling fixtures
  5. Move boiler storage tank out of utility room
  6. Move furniture away from walls at electrical outlets.
  7. Shim out walls for electrical install in bathroom and master bedroom outside wall outlet.

I think that was it although when he was here it seemed like a long list of things to get done in a 2-3 week time frame.

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