Attempted Structural Inspection

Arvada logoI was under the impression that the walls needed to pass inspection before the electrician could use them for installing electrical. However, when the inspector arrived yesterday, he said the rough electrical and plumbing has to be done first. But he was kind enough to do a courtesy inspection of sorts. The walls are good at 24 in OC and floating. I explained the version of the door framing we used and he even agreed it was a good way to frame them. I was impressed again with how helpful and kind the Arvada inspectors are!

We do need to strap one area of multiple 2 x 4’s that was original to the house and he said to be sure to plan for hard-wired smoke and carbon monixide detectors in the correct positions in the halls and master bedroom and entry. Also the plumbing channels need metal plates to protect them from nails.

Many visitors are amazed by the extent of our remodel. The idea of taking out a concrete floor and repouring it boggles most people’s minds. But we were willing to take on the project without much hesitation. Instinctively we knew that this house has “good bones”.

Starting the slab

Starting the new slab

We disassembled the house interior above the slab area, broke out all the old concrete, and designed and installed a more stable and efficient floor.

Walls come tumbling down

Walls come tumbling down

Then slowly but surely we put back the underground plumbing, the heating system, the slab and now the walls.

Master closet and bath walls

Master closet and bath walls

Of course the list of things to do is still very long but now that the walls are up we are ready to close her up again. What a great feeling.

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