Another Sewer Installment

Figuring out the sewer layout has been a bit more difficult than anticipated. One of the most difficult is communicating the completed design. The diagrams of each plumbing layout just didn’t have enough accurate information. All the tees are actually 45 degree wyes because tees are against code used in a horizontal position. The direction of the pipes is all horizontal and it is difficult to imagine them in 3D space.

Took another stab at communicating the pipe layouts and this helped solidify the requirements for all of us. There is something missing from these drawings though. There is an existing sink in the garage and that drain is not showing.

1_Dibble Res_FP_1_Plumbing_111912

Drain layout based on the finalized floor plan, shows drain pipe sizes.

2_Dibble Res 111412_Drain Closeup

Just drains.

3_Master bath Plumbing from Pic

Master bath drains and vents.

4_Family Bath from Pic

Family bath and laundry drains and vents. Existing vents are moved to the diagonal wall.

5_Kitchen Connection from Pic

Kitchen and bar sink connections.


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