Water Loop in Action

The water supply trunk loop is connected and stubbed out. This is the longest above the concrete connection. The pipe near the wall will connect the washing machine and the other connection will run to the guest bathroom. This long connection was necessary to route the supply pipe around the existing drain pipes.

Pex Water Supply Loop

Pex Water Supply Loop initial connections

All of the connectors are Sharkbite (mostly) or Gatorbite (Lowes carries these instead of Sharkbite). UPDATE: Some of the Gatorbite connectors later failed–they leaked–so I only bought Sharkbite for all future connections.

These slip on connectors were expensive (I bought most of them in bulk from Pex Supply.) but foolproof and easily removable. The 3/4″ Aquapex loop allows the hot and cold water trunk to extend from one fixture system to the next for a “structured” plumbing system. The hot pipe returns to the hot water heater to maintain a hot water loop throughout the house, reducing the hot water wait time at all fixtures when the hot cycles through the main loop. The cycle can be initiated by a pump with an aquastat that senses the temperature of the water in the hot loop, or with a timer that runs the pump when hot is most likely needed. The Taco hot water circulating pumps can also be controlled remotely at each fixture with a wireless or hard wired button switch.

Water supply pipes

Water supply pipes where they enter the loop system under the slab.

The 1″ pipes in the middle of this photo will eventually deliver water to and return heated water from the wood boiler. The 3/4″ pipes are the delivery pipes for the hot and cold water loop and the copper and pex connection for the return hot water line is visible behind the 1″ pipe.

Garage water supply

Garage water supply next stop in the loop.

Cold only

Cold only supply for outdoor faucet.

Old kitchen drain location.

Old kitchen drain location. Possible wet bar indoors and/or outdoor sink.

Tub location

Tub location in master bath.

Shower and Sink location

Shower, sink and toilet location in master bath.

nAnother view of shower location.

Another view of shower location in the master bath.

The blobs of concrete are holding down a scrap of old door that will be removed for the roll in shower installation. From the master bath shower, the loop continues under the crawl space to the existing rear bath and from there the hot loops back to the water heater.

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