De Floor, de floor!

The concrete was poured on March 18th after six months of work by Alberto’s crew to remove the old concrete and dig out for the waffle boxes. Then the installation of the vapor barrier and the boxes, the insulation, the rebar and the chairs to suspend it, then laying and zip tying the radiant pipe. Started the floor prep in October and finally poured on a beautiful day in March. Thanks to Mile High Contracting and Alberto’s concrete crews!

Concrete Pump Hose

Concrete Pump Hose

The concrete was a soupy mix in order to be pumped into the house. The engineering plan called for a 4500# mix so the redimix company added cement to the typical 4000# pumpable mix resulting in 7.5 sacks of cement per yard. That is a high ratio of cement. The mix was 15% flyash which is their typical proportion of this recycled material.

Floor with old door

Old door used to indent cement for the shower areas

Grandson and Cement Truck

My grandson was fascinated by the cement trucks!

Guys running pump

The guys are starting to pump the cement into the far east corner of the house.
They worked east to west, removing hose as they progressed.

Truck number 1

Progress after the first load.

Truck number 2

Progress after the second load.

Truck number 3

Truck number 3

Pump line and front walk

The pump line and the front walk prepared for cement.

Power troweling

Power troweling inside

Finishing up the front walk

It took three full trucks and a partial truckload to do the job.
We estimated 36 yards and were very close with that estimate.

Alberto and the Floor

Alberto admiring his crew’s handiwork.

Washing out the truck

Washing out the truck

Spencer and Meg

Spencer and Meg watch the clean up.

Handprints in the Cement

The kids put their handprints in the front walk

Relaxing before the next job

Relaxing before the next job–clearing out the yard!

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