Innovative Design Process

Innovative Design Process (ID) is the first requirement in the checklist for meeting prerequisites and gaining points towards LEED certification. As a result of this project’s preliminary rating we have already met one prerequisite for ID and can document most of the rest of the Integrated Project Planning component.

We are also fortunate that we chose a home with the proper orientation and design of south facing windows so these points are practically automatic. We do need to replace the existing solar shading on the home so that will important to document in the remodeling plan.

LEED For Homes CheckList

Target performance tier: Platinum

Innovative Design Process (ID)




Max Pts.

Preliminary Rating


1. Integrated Project Planning 11 7
1.1 Preliminary Rating Prereq. March 7, 2012
1.2 Integrated Project Team (meet all of the following) 1 1
a) Individuals or organizations with necessary capabilities 3 members in 3 required areas
b) All team members involved in various project phases Design charrette plan
c) Regular meetings held with project team To be met
1.3 Professional Credentialed with Respect to LEED for Homes 1 1 Shane Gring
1.4 Design Charrette 1 1 April 23, 2012
1.5 Building Orientation for Solar Design (meet all of the following) 1 1
a) Glazing area on north/south walls 50% greater than on east/west walls Photos of south window wall/other windows
b) East-west axis is within 15 degrees of due east-west Survey drawing with N/S arrow
c) At least 450 sq. ft. of south-facing roof area, oriented for solar applications Garage roof
d) 90% of south-facing glazing is shaded in summer, unshaded in winter In plan

It is a good thing to start off with easy points as LEED can become pretty complicated. We have completed the prerequisite by holding the preliminary rating meeting. The team is put together representing three areas of required expertise, and Shane, who is a LEED AP for Homes, has been on board since the preliminary rating.
After the design charrette we will need to meet at least monthly while the project is active. Since we are a far-flung team, our meetings will be electronic.
The documentation for item 1.5 will be:

a. Photos of south facing windows (some are hidden by trees) compared to east, north and west.

Front Windows

South facing windows plus one East facing window

Rear Windows

Two North facing windows

West Window

One West facing window

b. Diagram of home from survey. Shows North intersecting with East/West axis and home axis is about 2-3 degrees East of South, although the courtyard windows curve a bit from east to west none is more than 15 degrees from due East/West.

East West Axis

East West Axis

c.The garage roof is sloped towards the south and could be used for solar panels. There is more than 450 square feet of south facing roof, although part of it is flat. There is no requirement to have solar panels on the south facing roof, just to have this much roof face south–maybe we could have a grass roof in the flat areas!

South facing roof

South facing roof

d. You can see in the above photo that the south facing windows have frames that will accept canvas awnings but we would like to redo the solar shading on these windows. This is a design issue that will be addressed by the architect.

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