Updated Operation and Training Manual

Lots of time goes into the documentation for a LEED certification attempt. I have actually enjoyed the work because it is so centered in research and bringing together expert advice in many different areas of building science. The Operation and Training manual is meant to help occupants of the home understand its unique qualities and to support them with enough information about the home to maintain the energy saving practices and systems.

I have just completed revisions to the manual and posted the new copy. I also created a “home file” which is a set of documentation for the systems in the house that includes any maintenance they might need. It contains documents about all of the following:

  1. The product manufacturers’ manuals for all installed equipment, fixtures, and appliances (home file)
    1. Windows and doors
    2. Waffle boxes
    3. Water filters
    4. Challenger boiler
    5. Radiant layout
    6. Thermostats
    7. Wood boiler
    8. ERV
    9. Radon design and fans
    10. Faucets and fixtures
    11. Appliances
    12. Central vacuum

Some of these documents are also in the LEED verification items but they needed to be duplicated specifically for potential future residents of the home. Of course some documents may change–especially for the appliances, but all the current energy star appliances are included.

The manual will also include LEED certification information, the signed accountability forms, and the completed durability checklist. Could you imagine any builder compiling such a document? I’m not sure I can.


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