Building a LEED Project Team–LEED AP for Homes

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Each LEED for Homes project uses the integrated design process to distribute responsibility for meeting LEED criteria and acquiring LEED points. The project team typically includes experts on green building and sustainability and to gain the point for a full LEED project team roster the members must bring to the table expertise in three general areas and must meet monthly to participate in the project. The expertise areas are:

  • architecture or building design
  • mechanical or energy engineering
  • building science or performance testing
  • green building or sustainable design and
  • civil engineering, landscape architecture, habitat restoration or land-use planning

Another point is gained if at least one of the members holds the LEED for Homes AP credential and is on the team by the preliminary rating.

I started building this team by engaging a LEED AP architect who has been working in sustainable design for many years. See HumaNature Post

Next I was able to find a Provider in Colorado who can also provide an Energy Rater as well as a LEED for Homes Green Rater at EnergyLogic.

Now I needed a LEED for Homes AP for the team, preferably someone with building science and energy performance background. I was able to turn to the list of USGBC Professionals in the area to choose a LEED AP for homes to contact and ask for help with this project.

Each time I find a professional there is something about their website that draws me in. In the case of Shane Gring’s company, BOULD (Everbuild Pro), they provide LEED training for Habitat for Humanity affordable homes through tuition to the program, you can get the necessary LEED experience and provide support for green building expenses for an affordable Habitat home. Such a GREAT idea! I’m going to sign up myself to help complete my Green Rater credentialing program. BUT Shane also provides LEED AP expertise for independent projects and has a wealth of gut remodel and energy modeling experience.



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