We received our $180 rebate from Xcel Energy for our $300 Energy Audit. Now we are qualified to apply for other Xcel Energy rebates for insulation and a new energy efficient boiler which this house really needs.

Here is what we are thinking for the energy efficient boiler:

US GSA Energy Recommendations
“Condensing boilers can achieve up to 98% thermal efficiency compared to 70%-80% with conventional boilers. Integrated project design that allow for boilers to be used only as required by demand will yield additional energy savings.”

The Triangle Tube Combination boilers that both heat hot water for the home and for the radiator system are considered among the best.

Combination condensing boiler

Triangle Tube Challenger Boiler

We’ll pair this with a solar preheated water tank so we will save even more energy using this boiler system. Plus it fits on a closet wall so we can shrink the utility room from its current 12 x 12 size and use all that re-gained space in the house for living area.

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