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Landscaping Fabric

I purchased this “professional” landscaping fabric from a guy on craigslist for $75. The roll is 4 foot by 225 feet so longer than what I could purchase at the home improvement store. It is heavier fabric too. I used … Continue reading

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Existing Circuits and Where they Go

We have been trying to figure out all of the existing circuit breakers and their function in the house. One day last winter we went through the box and labeled every dangling wire in the house with the corresponding circuit … Continue reading

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Rock It

Yeah, had rock delivered today. The cheapest gravel I could buy is road base. It is not nearly as pretty as pea gravel because it is a mix of aggregates from about 3/4″ gravel down to sand particles. Used mainly … Continue reading

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Excavation with a Dingo

I was working too hard to take photos so I found this short video on You Tube that shows basically what I was doing all day. Not using the rotary digger but just the excavator on this Toro walk behind … Continue reading

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Summer List

So did ANYTHING get done this spring? Actually work was done but little was actually FINISHED. And there were things that we did that were not on the official list of next steps. I’ve written about what I have been … Continue reading

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Rebuilt Honeywell Zone Valves

The Honeywell zone valves on the radiant system were all part of the original boiler system from 1984, So I purchased rebuild kits to have on hand if the valves didn’t work initially or stopped working. Luckily they all worked … Continue reading

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What’s the Weather Like Today?

Hum along with me to the old tune, “Its Good News Week” if you know that one you are probably a baby boomer. It is a 60’s one hit wonder by a group called Hedgehoppers Anonymous! Not that I remembered–what … Continue reading

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The Rain was Raining All Around

It falls on field and tree. It rains on my umbrella here and on the ships at sea. A Child’s Garden of Verses–Robert Louis Stevenson I always liked these little verses as a child and memorized several of them. They … Continue reading

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Door Doldrums

The Therma Tru doors from Alpen are a remodeler’s nightmare. After the initial install, they didn’t work very well at all. They didn’t close correctly apparently due to being out of level and not plumb. SOO the installers, the door … Continue reading

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Switcharoo to Penguin Chiller

I was very disappointed about the new/old Arctica Chiller not working, although ebay is fantastic in providing free return shipping. I let it drain for a day and packed it up in the original box and plastic bag making sure … Continue reading

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