Crawlspace “After”

The conditioned crawlspace is almost complete. The vinyl tarps/billboards are sealed to the walls with caulk. The low VOC Loctite PL375 is inexpensive and easy to work with. It is both a construction adhesive and gap filling caulk and washes up with water.

Back Wall

North and East Walls

The seams are taped with double sided tape between the two layers and yellow vinyl tape on the top of the seams. I used the tape that I bought at the Restore when the plastic vapor barrier was being installed under the concrete. This tape was made by a Denver manufacturer–Bron Tapes.

Back Door

Under the Back Door, Taped and Caulked

In this photo you can see the hump in the foreground that is the sewer and water pipes.

Transition to hallway

Transition from hallway to main area

The original slab continued under the wall and stairs so I covered it with the vapor barrier and caulked it to the top.

Under Stairs

Slab Edge Caulked under Hallway and Stairs–next to Master Bedroom

The area around each of the posts is taped–this one was tricky because it had a small gap between the 2 x 4’s. So I taped a narrow piece between the two posts and then connected it on each side to form a gapless layer.

Taped around posts

Taped around posts

The old screened vent to the outside was covered by replacing the hole that was made in the 1″ foil covered polyiso and taping it with the special sticky air barrier Siga Sicrall 60 air barrier tape, then filling in the hole in the 2 x 12 rim joist with polyiso from the inside and taping that with the Siga tape. Then fitting a piece of scrap board in the hole in the siding and caulking all the gaps around that.

Outside vent

Outside vent

Finally I used a bit of textured hardboard from an old hollow core door to cover the messy caulked patch.

New vent cover

New vent cover

This is another big task to check off the To Do list. We are getting close to finishing this fall’s work. We need to start another list in the new year!

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