Flir One Sons

My Flir One Sons as captured by my Christmas present to myself, a nifty iphone infrared camera accessory.

Flir One Son #1

Flir One Son #1

Flir One Son #2

Flir One Son #2 with temp spread in sunlight

Earlier last year I splurged on an iphone after using the first G1 for six years–but it was just before the iphone 6 was released and I wanted to be sure to get an iphone 5s because it fit the new infrared camera device from FLIR. The Flir One for the iPhone was released at $359 but it was reduced to $259 around Christmas time and then I had a $100 gift certificate from Apple so I bought one of these nifty cameras for myself.

The next larger camera is about $1000 and having an infrared camera to capture the temperature differentials in the rooms allows us to determine where more sealing is required and to measure the warmest and coldest temperatures in the house. There are other uses as well, and soon everyone will have an infrared camera in their tool bag but for now they are definitely a “geek” toy, I mean tool.

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