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Plumbing Inspiration!

My guilty pleasure is watching home improvement shows on TV. I usually watch one each evening. I mix it up with a different series each night so they are not too repetitive. I have Netflix and lately they have been … Continue reading

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Planning for Walls

This winter we are hoping to start putting up walls and with the new tub in the master bathroom, I wanted to tweak the floorplan to accommodate the larger tub and create smaller closets in the entry and family room. … Continue reading

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Cleaning the Challenger’s Heat Exchanger

When I was wiring the boiler, I checked the condensate overflow system on the boiler and noticed the plastic drain was full of black gunk. I cleaned it out and about a week later checked it again and it was … Continue reading

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Siding Arrives

Just before we left for Thanksgiving the siding arrived from Lowes. I had unfortunately chosen the Westminster store that was farther away for the delivery which I found out when I arrived at the closer store. It was about 20 … Continue reading

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We visited family in upstate New York for Thanksgiving. The weather was mild and we enjoyed our visit. The turkey was a success. My grandson’s favorite dish at the meal. During prep time three generations of Dibbles posed with the … Continue reading

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