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One Day, Two Mirrors

It is past time to have moved everything that is destined for the house into the house. These mirrors needed to come in and claim their space. I had the big couch against the long wall in the living room … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the Garage

Unfortunately the charge cord that came with the JuiceBox is only 20 ft. long. And the 30 amp outlet is in the storage cabinet at the far end from the garage door. That means that the car has to be … Continue reading

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Installing a JuiceBox 220v 40 Pro Charger

I decided to upgrade to a Level 2, 220v EV charger in order to charge faster during the highest solar production time of day. After researching various options, it appeared the JuiceBox delivered the most bang for the buck. Some … Continue reading

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Solar Powered Volt

Way back in 2003 we bought the first model of hybrid Honda Civic sold in the US. It was the only car we would ever buy that was featured in a car show! It was a 2003 model but it … Continue reading

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Books Unpacked

As part of the move the kids returned a couple of large bookshelves that they had brought from our Indiana house when they moved to Colorado. I had used our enclosed bookshelves to display my mom’s china and silver and … Continue reading

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Moved To Germany!

We had a busy May helping our daughter and her family move to Germany for her husband’s work assignment. They had to completely empty their house to rent it as they decided to keep it while they are abroad. Dave … Continue reading

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