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A Study in Contrasts

Oh for a bit of clean looking drywall! These two photos are essentially taken from the same angle and of the same area of the house. Looking from the living room to the kitchen in both cases. On the left … Continue reading

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LEED Rough Inspection

I have been emailing my new project person from Energy Logic for over a year and he has been very helpful, but now I needed to have the rough insulation inspection before we covered more of our Roxul rock wool … Continue reading

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Big Snakes…

These two guys were in our front yard near the deck. I did some research and they are bull snakes that can imitate rattlers. That is supposed to be a defense but people often kill them for the imitation not … Continue reading

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We are drowning in building supplies that are not being used right now or were extra from earlier projects. One large item is extra rock wool insulation that I over ordered for the house. We have seven full bolts of … Continue reading

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Attic platform

I finished building the attic platform over the guest bathroom and pantry. This area is going to hold the ventilation system and also encloses the plumbing vent on this side of the house. We have the walls up around the … Continue reading

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