Work Truck

Ford Super Duty

2006 Ford Super Duty

Bought this truck to carry construction materials for the remodel. Found that renting a truck was getting to be trouble and UHaul seems to keep raising its rates although they do have nice work trucks. Car rental companies don’t have hitches on their trucks but UHaul’s do and they are basic trucks, made for work.

I was not happy with a bill from the Arvada UHaul and although the mileage charges were changed when I complained, I was still charged for an extra day. SOOO. Found this for a reasonable price and it is big enough to haul a trailer and has a full size 8 foot bed for drywall, lumber, and other heavy stuff. Bought it from the mechanic at a trucking company who had maintained it since new. His company allowed him to fix it up and sell it. New tailgate, lights, etc. and I got a reasonable deal on a good Ford truck.

It will be nice to have a truck in the family and the four wheel drive will be useful in bad weather or for getting firewood in the mountains. Plenty of room inside too with the bench seats and king cab. Might put a ladder rack or a camper on it, or a snow plow! Lots of possibilities. The first use of the truck was to haul the concrete grinder out to the work site.

8' Truck Bed

8′ Truck Bed

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