Bagster Truck

The debris began to overwhelm the garage with the three filled bags so I called the Bagster company to find out about hauling it away. They declared that the bags had to be in the open, and could not get picked up from inside the garage. Oh No!
Then I called Rubbish Works, a hauling company that also recycles. They said they could come out but nobody will recycle used drywall. I even wrote the state, and they said no, that drywall was made in Colorado and there was no reason to recycle the old stuff. I looked into using it for compost etc. too but the soils is alkaline and does not need alkaline filler. So off to the land fill with it.
When Rubbish Works arrived from Longmont, CO with their 3 ton truck, they said the three bags were too large for their truck! (scheduling is by phone through a central office who apparently didn’t forward the content of the pickup to the Longmont folks.) But they said they could pull the bags out of the garage, and then took away a variety of trash that was not in the bagsters for their minimum fee. Seemed like a good deal to me.
When the bagster truck showed up, however, Dave the driver said he could easily get the bags out of the garage and next time I could just schedule and he would be on the route and would do it. (This was true, I called later for a second pickup of just one bag that he retrieved from the garage.)
Here are some photos of the experience of getting rid of some of the debris. (about $600 hauling fees so far.) Each Bagster can hold 3300 lbs and can be filled to the top. If I had been able to fill each one with a full 30″ of 4×8 sheets of drywall without spaces, they would have weighed 3260 each. They probably were about 1 1/2 tons each for LEED documentation purposes. Plus the minimum truckload that went to Rubbish Works which was closer to a pickup truck load at 1/2 ton and a pickup load that I took to the dump earlier in the summer. The total debris so far is about 7 tons. Yikes.

Truck's boom arm moving bagster bag

The Rubbish Works truck’s boom arm moving bagster bag

Bagster truck

The bagster truck reaching for the first bag.

Bagster pickup

Everyone loves a big truck!

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