Goodbye Fiberglass (Mostly)

There were a lot of damaged fiberglass batts in the walls and ceiling. Most of the batts had to be discarded due to mold, mouse holes and urine. The fiberglass batts just about filed the 30 yard dumpster, as well as the drywall from the demolition.

Discarded batts

Discarded Batts

Batts that were in reasonable condition were saved. These sacked batts were from the from the front flat ceiling.

Sacked batts

Sacked Batts

This pile of batts is what was salvagable from the cathedral ceilings. I hope we can get it up into the attic as an extra layer of R 19 without having to put it in sacks.

Saved batts

Saved Batts

The dumpster was picked up on a rainy day in late October after a week at the house. I caught a picture of it just as it was leaving the driveway. Glad to be rid of it.

Roll off Dumpster

Roll Off Dumpster

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