Between visits I contacted Todd at AE Building Systems to finally purchase the Energy Recover Ventilator. I had long ago planned to install this device to meet the LEED requirements for air exchange in our well sealed house. Todd had one in stock and I drove over to pick it up that day. The Ultimate Air RecouperAerator is considered the most energy efficient ERV built in the US.  I bought the 200DX model which is the larger of two that they now manufacture.

Since we are expecting the electricians next week I wanted to be sure they were aware of the size and electrical requirements for the ventilator and for the radon fan in the small attic. They will be installing a junction box in the same little attic area so it will help to see what else goes up there.

Ultimate Air RecoupAerator

Ultimate Air RecoupAerator Unpacked

ERV Side without Cover

ERV Side without Cover

I took advantage of my brother’s visit to have him help lift the 72 pound unit up into the attic area. Two of the rubber feet fell off as we jockeyed it around but they do slip back on.

John with Ventilator in Attic

John placing the ventilator in attic

I have the ducting plan and will build a chase for the ductwork to distribute the fresh air and exhaust the stale air. This must be done before the drywall is installed.

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